Friday, August 16, 2013

Japanese ramen......................with a vegetarian twist

Yesterday I decided to watch the movie Ramen Girl. it's a story about a girl stranded in japan after being dumped by her boyfriend and while there she learns to cook ramen. Not cinematic genius but a decent movie.
Me being the cooking nerd that I am decided that I was going to learn to cook ramen myself. Of course going to japan and being taught by a ramen master is unfortunately not in the budget, so I enrolled in the cooking school of Google. the first step for me was finding a suitable noodle recipe, that was tough due to the fact that most recipes relied on volume measurements, and being a stickler for accuracy in dough recipes, I wanted a recipe where the measurements were in weights. I finally came across and excellent recipe on Cooking From The Heart where the noodles were the exact recipe I was looking for. the one problem was that the rest of the recipe was decidedly not vegetarian.
So that was the extent of my traditionalism, my broth is a very simple miso broth.
 I happened to have white miso in my freezer so it worked out. I also added a pinch of garlic and ginger along with some black pepper. I was pretty tasty though not very authentic I'm sure
the next hurdle was the toppings as i guess they would be called.I decided to choose a variety of vegetables that I thought would add visual interest and also have compatible flavors. I chose zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, and edamame. I steamed all but the carrots because the carrots added a bit of texture.
I also decided to add some vegetarian sausage for added color.
I didn't take any pictures of my noodle making process, however there are plenty in progress picture along with the recipe on Cooking from the heart so be sure to check them out.
I am aware that the noodles look very similar to package ramen, and in a pinch pagkaged ramen could be used but it isn;t quite as good. Anyway now that we have the components Its time to build the soup. first into the bowl is  the broth, followed by the noodles, and then the veggies and sausage are arranged on top.
And voila! you have Ramen.
And this is my bowl about 5 minutes later. It was pretty good.(i'm aware that it's horrible to eat ramen with a fork and not chopsticks but I didn't have any).

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