Sunday, July 15, 2012

vegan for a week

While i have been vegetarian for most of my life i have one very bad animal product addiction...............CHEESE. my friends even joke about me having a mouse in my stomach that i have to feed. I always respond by squeaking at them. All jokes aside i do feel that I eat too much cheese. this week I am going to attempt a completely vegan diet and see where that gets me with my food craving. i'm not saying i'll never eat cheese again but merely that i'm trying to curb the addiction and reduce the amount. Though i do believe that the factory farming industry in the US is cruel, I'll never be a political militaristic vegan. If people raised their own animals in humane living conditions we would be very much more aware of our foods and in that case i would have much less of an issue with meat. I personally would still never eat meat because i couldn't bring myself to kill an animal so that i could eat it. But i digress the point of this post was to kick off my week of vegan eating. In addition to removing butter cheese eggs and other animal products from my diet i'm also going to place a renewed focus on fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet and focus less on processed foods. this should hopefully not be too difficult due to the fact  most processed foods contain animal products and i will be avoiding them anyway. I do have some special foods to help myself not miss dairy too much and those i will be talking about in my youtube video which i will post below. I am not focusing on the doom and gloom side of veganism for a reason but if you want more information on factory farms and reasons prople become vegan you can check out and/ or the ever controversial .  Anyway i am giving this a try for a week and i will check back in and let you know how it goes and if there are benefits. feel free to comment and i'll try to respond but please refrain from personal attacks.

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