Sunday, May 8, 2011

I know May isn't the traditional time to make resolutions but i feel compelled to make changes in my life and by listing them out here i have a record of my goals for the coming months.
1. to never have a repeat of this last semester of college, my grades are not where i want them to be and I intent to change this in the coming semester. 
2. to that end i intend to set aside more time for studying and pay closer attention to deadlines. 
3. I'm a messy person and i would like to change that. I intend to clean both my room and my car atleast once a week so it doesn't build up and become overwhelming. 
4. My health is very much related to how i eat and i often grab fast food and eat on the run. I am going to cook and bring my lunches for both work and college. 
5. I have slacked off on my workouts. i want to run the evergreen town race 10K in august and i need to get in shape by running several times a week. sometime in the future I am going to run a half and maybe even a full marathon.

Now that i have written these out i can't back out of this. these are my goals and i intend to reach them. 

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