Saturday, May 9, 2009

the dress i made

my adorable snoopy tshirt dress. it was lots of fun to make, and walmart had tons of men's shirts on clearance for like 2 or 3 dollars so i really couldn't pass some of them up.

i started out with this 3x mens snoopy shirt from Walmart
tshirt dress 1

and this shirt that fits me well for a pattern


i layed it on top of the larger shirt and traced the outline flaring it out at the bottom and for the sleeves.

and then cut out one side.

then i folded it over and traced it onto the other side to keep it symmetrical.

then cut out the other side.

turn it right sides together and sew along the cut edges.


then turn it right side out and you've got a dress.

and now for the action shot.

i ended up putting a piece of material in the neckline because my mom thought i showed a little much cleavage. hope you liked it. and thanks for looking.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Purpose or Lack Thereof of This Blog.

As this is the First post on my new blog i probably should explain something about the purpose of it but to be honest i'm not really sure what it is myself, i was thinking about making it a sewing blog because i do that occasionally or i could make it about the novel i plan on writing sometime in the next ten years but i haven't really figured that out at all, so i guess it'll end up being a little about all of those things and maybe some others or possibly nothing i've mentioned at all i guess i'll find out as it comes together.
P.S. i know there are some errors in punstuation and capitalization, i apologize for those and assure you that i will do my best to improve on those in the forthcoming posts.